Sets for boomerang

Sets for boomerang

SKU : JO2011EN

A set of 4 Boomerangs made of premium cardboard convenient for indoor use. 

The game is conceived for children (4 years+) and boomerang beginners of all ages. 

The booklet provides additional interesting background information on the physics and the history 

of the boomerang as well as on the art of the Aborigines. The boomerangs can be painted and 

designed individually according to the example of Aborigine art.


 3 indoor throwing discs made from robust premium 

  cardboard (Ø 20cm), easy to learn - no risk of injury,  

  stable flight, floats 2 - 8m 

 3 fashionable motifs (underwater - safari - space) to be 

  painted creatively, can be used as a template for

  additional discs

-playing directions with techniques, games & 

  background information