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Kabaka was born as I watched my four-year-old son playing. Like an architect driven by a limitless imagination, Julien liked turning the whole living room upside down to make playhouses. He used everything: stools, blankets, cushions, coffee table, dining room chairs, etc. The result was always interesting. Every new playhouse was more elaborate than the one before. But this work of art could only ever have a fleeting existence. Sooner or later, the living room had to be returned to its normal arrangement.

So why not make a modular playhouse, easy to disassemble, to avoid unnecessarily messing up the living room? Nature-friendly cardboard playhouses: recyclable, green and economical, designed by Belgian designer Nicolas Bovesse. Kabaka has now become reality!

I developed Kabaka in two years, with support from the Walloon Region. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I have always wanted to develop my own company in the toys and games sector. Adding some fun to life, stimulating children's creativity, creating unique shared moments: those are the driving factors of Kabaka's mission. After all, isn't life a game? So let's play!

I hope you have lots of fun playing with your children and your Kabaka playhouse.

Audrey Charles, founder of Kabaka (October 2015).

Design par Nicolas Bovesse

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